Southern Comfort Cocktail Recipes, a New Orleans Favorite #WhateversComfortable

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        July 4,1850


        Two people have a baby. They name the baby Martin Wilkes Heron. Later that baby grows up and creates Southern Comfort.

        Shortly After

        M.W. Heron’s parents decide to move from Ireland to America.


        Heron grows up and starts working as a barman, in a bar.

        In New Orleans.

        Something Smoother

        Heron’s customers at McCauley’s Saloon
        are looking for something a little smoother than
        straight whiskey and bourbon. So he gets a bunch
        of fruits and spices, mixes it with bourbon
        and calls it “Cuffs & Buttons.”


        Cuffs & Buttons was really hard to say, so he renames it “Southern Comfort.”


        but Mine.”

        Heron’s first attempt
        at marketing.


        Southern Comfort
        wins a medal
        because it
        tasted good.

        It happened at
        the World’s Fair
        in Paris.


        Southern Comfort
        wins another medal
        for tasting good.

        It was a big deal and happened at
        the World’s Fair in St. Louis, which used
        to be called the Paris of Missouri.

        Heron starts mixing Southern Comfort with
        other stuff, creating the first Southern Comfort
        cocktail, the St. Louis Cocktail.

        See the St. Louis Cocktail

        “Limit two per customer.
        No gentleman
        would ask for more.”

        Heron’s second attempt
        at marketing.


        Before Heron dies,
        he tells his secret
        recipe to his confidant
        Grant M. Peoples.


        Grant M. Peoples couldn’t do much with the recipe because of Prohibition.

        So the recipe just sat there, making no one happy.


        Prohibition Ends.

        Which means that people get to drink again.


        Peoples sells the recipe to the Francis Fowler Family.


        The Fowler Family

        Starts making Southern Comfort again.
        This time in a bottle that looks like this. Also,
        they find a picture of a house that they liked,
        so they put it on the bottle.


        Southern Comfort
        arrives in Britain.

        So does a boat filled with bananas, the first bananas in Britain since 1940.

        See drinks with bananas


        We create a book that shows people how to have a party.

        It was called the
        “Party Book.”


        about a century
        after it was created,
        Southern Comfort arrives
        in Australia.

        See drinks from Australia


        Southern Comfort
        joins a company
        called Brown-Forman.

        Southern Comfort
        joins a company
        called Brown-Forman.

        See drinks with bourbon


        Südlicher Komfort
        kommt nach Deutschland.

        That means Southern Comfort arrives in Germany, in German.


        Southern Comfort
        in a can is achieved.


        We’ve also changed the packaging a bunch of times. Like this time when we put gold on the neck.


        Goodbye, House.

        The house disappears from the bottle,
        but not from real life. You can have breakfast
        there. It’s a Bed and Breakfast.


        A few young bartenders have the idea of putting lime in Southern Comfort.

        So we take their advice and
        create Southern Comfort Lime.
        Thank you, bartenders.


        Today you can get
        Southern Comfort in
        about 100 countries.

        That is very many countries.

        All thanks to one man
        who was a thinker, an innovator, a visionary.

        Carry on the legacy. make a drink.