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Who can I speak to about my feedback on the product?

Phone: 1-833-484-4668
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Product Information

These are a range of refreshing ready-to-drink recipes with the perfect balance of Southern Comfort’s iconic stone fruit and spice flavors.

Comfort Collection will be available in Alabama and Louisiana beginning in late spring 2021.

It is a 5% ABV ready-to-drink carbonated beverage, inspired by iconic Southern Comfort laid-back mixed drinks. Serve chilled in the can or with ice. It will be available in 16oz and 12oz variety packs and in three flavors: Peach Tea, Paradise Punch, and Lemon Lime. 

180 days

Comfort Collection is a ready-to-drink cocktail. At 5% ABV, these are flavorful, refreshing mixed drinks inspired by Southern Comfort.



Comfort Collection beverages are meant to be consumed during your favorite easy moments, not left in the back of the freezer. If you left your can to chill in the freezer and took a longer than anticipated break, no worries. Our easy-to-drink 5% ABV means we have a reduced freezing point. Simply allow it to come back to room temperature, put your feet up and enjoy.


No, this product contains gluten.

The product does not contain any allergens recognized by the FDA.

No, there is no yeast in the product.

Our breweries are not kosher-certified for flavored products, so the product is not kosher.

Where to buy

You can find this product in Alabama and Louisiana.

You can buy our product through Drizly.

Promotions, Partnerships and Sponsorships

I want to work for or partner with the Southern Comfort brand. Who can I reach out to?

Phone: 1-866-729-3722