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Southern Comfort was created in 1874, by a man born to do things his own way. M.W. Heron wondered, why does whiskey have to be so harsh and overpowering? Why can’t it be smooth, easygoing, downright delicious? His recipe, blending stone fruits and spices, created an iconic American taste.

Nearly 150 years later, Southern Comfort is as one-of-a-kind as ever. Satisfying on its own. Delicious in any mixed drink. No other spirit is so comfortable however you drink it. Or whoever you drink it with.

This is whiskey
on its own terms.
Made to be
enjoyed on yours.

This is whiskey on its own terms.
Made to be enjoyed on yours.



Southern Comfort’s been made with traditional American craftsmanship since 1874. With a few secret twists of our own.

If you love whiskey, bourbon, liqueurs, or just good-tasting drinks, we’ve got your spirit.

Ours is a tale of history and mystery. A smooth blend of fact and folklore. 
So grab a bottle and a friend. This story is still being written.


Southern Comfort is one of the most recognized whiskeys, 
anywhere people live on their own terms.

  • 2021

    Launched Southern Comfort Malt 42 proof offering

    To meet demand to buy Southern Comfort in the widest variety of convenient shopping locations, including stores that can only sell beer, malt beverages and wine products , we developed a great tasting malt product and an excellent wine-based product under the Southern Comfort brand name. 

  • 2017


    Southern Comfort reclaims its Big Easy New Orleans heritage and brings the recipe back to its original whiskey roots.

    southern comfort bottle with american flag behind it and firewood under it
  • 2016

    Spirit-based RTDs debut in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and other European countries.

    To extend serve occasion offerings, we created eleven ready-to-drink expressions to best suit each geographic location. While a US RTD line is not yet available, we strive to create innovative products for our consumers and creating an US RTD is no exception.

  • 1970’s-60’s

    Rock n’ roll n’ comfort

    Rockers like Janis Joplin show their love for Southern Comfort, bringing the spirit’s notoriety to a new generation. The company thanks her with a fur coat.

  • 1950’s

    Hosts with the mosts

    Postwar America discovers the joys of entertaining, so Southern Comfort launches its iconic recipe/party guides for whiskey lovers everywhere.

    cover of 1952 southern comfort recipe and party guide with man preparing appetizers and drinks


Southern Comfort 
makes history.

  • 1943-1945

    Reaching new heights

    Southern Comfort fights for freedom, as a series of American B-17 bombers famously sport the name while flying raids in WWII.

    american soldiers in front of plane with southern comfort logo
  • 1920’s-1934


    The U.S. outlaws alcoholic drinks on January 17, 1920. M.W. Heron dies just months later, presumably of a broken heart. The brand is revived after repeal.


A smooth New Orleans spirit 
becomes a new American icon.

  • 1898-1900

    The Golden Years

    Southern Comfort nabs the gold medal at the 1900 Paris Exposition. M.W. opens a drinking club in St Louis that becomes legendary across the nation.

    old sothern comfort 100 proof ad with picture of river
  • 1874-1898

    What’s in a name?

    Records show M.W. originally called his concoction “Cuffs and Buttons.” As its fame spreads, he officially renames it “Southern Comfort.” (Good call.)

    old bottle of southern comfort
  • 1874

    A legend is born

    M.W. Heron introduces the world to his signature blend of whiskey, fruits and spices. Spirits will never be the same.

    M.W. Heron's sothern comfort label