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Southern Comfort Whiskey Milkshake Recipe


Mix it. Blend it. Shake it. 
Any way you like it. The only rule when
making drinks with Southern Comfort, 
is to follow your own tastes.

So, what’ll it be today?

Comfortable to Different
a - z
z - a

Over Ice

  • Original
Learn more about Over Ice

Comfort & Cola

  • Original
Learn more about Comfort & Cola

Southern Manhattan

  • Black
  • 100
Learn more about Southern Manhattan

Southern Whiskey Sour

  • Black
Learn more about Southern Whiskey Sour

Frozen Strawberry Margarita

  • Original
Learn more about Frozen Strawberry Margarita

Frozen Hurricane

  • Original
Learn more about Frozen Hurricane

SoCo Mai Tai

  • Original
Learn more about SoCo Mai Tai

Southern Sweet Breeze

  • Original
Learn more about Southern Sweet Breeze

Alabama Slammer

  • Original
Learn more about Alabama Slammer

Frozen Southern Lemonade

  • Black
Learn more about Frozen Southern Lemonade

Bloody Mardi

  • Original
  • Black
Learn more about Bloody Mardi

Black Cherry Comfort

  • Black
Learn more about Black Cherry Comfort

Southern Campfire

  • Black
Learn more about Southern Campfire

What, you’re still scrolling?

C’mon, spend less time deciding what to drink. And more time
drinking it. You’ll be glad you did.